User's guides

Day-to-day work on your project:

When working on your project on a CIRRAU server, you are required at all times to adhere to the regulations in your user agreement from Statistics Denmark and to the CIRRAU and ECONAU guidelines.

Also, the following processing details must be followed

Guides from Statistics Denmark (most of them in Danish):

Sending files to the servers

Files with non-personally identifiable information
To place information on the server that do not contain microdata, e.g., syntax/code and documentation, please send the file by email to a CIRRAU Datamanager and the request will be forwarded to Statistics Denmark. In addition to the file the email should have information about server and project number, where to place the file (complete path, typically in the workdata folder), and a statement stating that the file does not contain any personal identifiable information. Please, send only syntax or documentation when it is necessary and too large to practically type in manually.

Files with microdata
Do not send microdata to Statistics Denmark without consent from the project controller responsible for managing the research project. Please contact a CIRRAU Datamanager before sending files to Statistics Denmark.There are two ways to send data containing microdata to Statistics Denmark, e.g., data from sources outside CIRRAU (external data). Only external data that are needed for a project and described and approved in the project description can be sent to a project. The project controller needs to be informed and have approved that data will be send to the project. Always include information about server name and project number as well as a description of the data, which variables that needs to be de-identified and whether the file only contains persons in the approved population. If, at all, possible, data should be SAS files, which speeds up the handling time and lowers costs.
1) Use recommended mail to send encrypted files to Statistics Denmark on for example a USB-stick.
Address the letter to “Service desk” and write ATTENTION: "Project number".
2) Up-load files via Statistics Denmark FSE-UPLOAD. All users have access to this service in f5 dynamic webtop with project login. Guidelines for FSE-upload can be found here
The latter method is preferred