Data resources

Within CIRRAU, we have established a data resource for use in interdisciplinary register-based research by all associates. At Statistics Denmark, CIRRAU servers with a data base have been set up to allow researchers secure online access to person-identifiable data. Upon request, a CIRRAU data manager and employees at Statistics Denmark will extract necessary data for each study and store them in a separate project folder on one of these servers. In advance, researchers must obtain all relevant permissions needed for their own project.   

The support from CIRRAU includes guidance for accessing and understanding data. In return, we ask that at least one of the authors reports CIRRAU affiliation when submitting manuscripts based on the data. On this page you may find a rough guide to data types and how to apply for permission to use them.

Please read more under 'Advantages' about the advantages to using CIRRAU data for your research project.

The CIRRAU data resource is composed of different categories of data:

  • Economic, Social and Contextual Data [Statistics Denmark]
  • Health data + Prescription Data [Sundhedsdatastyrelsen]
  • Geocodes
  • Data Contributions from Participants

Economic, Social and Contextual Data

At Statistics Denmark an overall project called ‘Projektdatabase NCRR / CIRRAU’ has been set up. It includes data from the ‘High Quality Documentation Data’ (in Danish ‘Højkvalitetsdokumentationsdata’). Please find an overview of these data in our data documentation for economic, social and contextual data.

Prescription Data

Statistics Denmark manages a data base on behalf of Sundhedsdatastyrelsen containing data on prescription drugs: the Register of Medicinal Product Statistics (‘Lægemiddeldatabasen’ in Danish). Some of the variables are included in ‘Projektdatabase NCRR / CIRRAU’. You need permission from Sundhedsdatastyrelsen to use relevant variables in your studies. Because these data are managed by Statistics Denmark, a variable list is available under data documentation for economic, social and contextual data.

Data contributed by CIRRAU associates

In order to motivate and optimise collaboration projects, CIRRAU associates are encouraged to contribute information from e.g. biobanks, birth cohorts, genetic samples and environmental factors. These data will be uploaded to one of the CIRRAU servers by an employee at Statistics Denmark for each specific project. The charge for this service is not covered by the CIRRAU budget and will be forwarded to the head of the project using the external data in question.