Project set-up

When you have obtained all required permissions for your study, you are ready to submit a request to Statistics Denmark.

First, please request a project number from the CIRRAU data management team by providing the title of the project.

The Next step is to submit your request. The request needs to follow the format described in the file


Among other things, you need to write up a short project description and a clear description of the study population. Furthermore, you need to enclose lists of all variables to be included in the project, stating the range of years for which you need each variable

You may find documentation for all the data in the CIRRAU database under Data documentation.

For Denmarks Statistics data. If you mark the variables (fx. with an "1") in the green "70xxxx" column of the DST documentation file under the sheet "All" and e-mail this to the CIRRAU data management team, you will recieve a variable-list in the correct format back by e-mail. Please do not make any changes to the document other than marking variables in the green select column.

Project requests are emailed to the CIRRAU data management team together with copies of your permission(s).

Your project request will be submitted to Statistics Denmark (this assures our contact person that this is a CIRRAU project) and copies of relevant documents are stored.

When the project has been approved at Statistics Denmark, data are extracted for set-up as soon as possible. Data are then made available to a local data manager at Statistics Denmark who places the data in your project folder.